Hair Removal

Did you know that over the course of the average person’s life, he or she will spend months shaving? Now, with laser hair removal, you can permanently reduce hair and stop wasting time removing unwanted hair. Elite MPX laser treatments deliver long-lasting results with advanced laser hair removal technology.


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The Elite MPX’s laser light beams reach below the surface of the skin to target individual hair follicles. The laser energy damages the follicles and inhibits future hair growth without harming the surrounding skin. Since not all of your hair develops at the same time, multiple sessions are scheduled to ensure that all of the hair follicles have been treated. Laser hair removal is safe and can be used to remove hair from the face, arms, back, underarms, legs, chest and bikini area.
Fast Laser Hair Removal with the Elite MPX

What to Expect During Laser Hair Removal

The exact number of sessions required for permanent hair removal will vary depending on the treatment area and the patient’s hair type. Most treatment sessions last less than a half-hour, and are easy to fit into a busy schedule. Best of all, the side effects are no worse than the redness, itching and cuts normally received from shaving or waxing. Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately following treatment.

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